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Chilean Navy UFO Sighting Released

Investigative Journalist Leslie Kean has just released a report of a Chilean Navy FLIR video of a UFO.

Read it here and check out the videos. Quite impressive release of a UFO.

Groundbreaking UFO Video Just Released By Chilean Navy

UFO Videos

Multiple UFOs Over Lake Michigan

A resident of Michigan spotted and filmed multiple UFOs over Lake Michigan.  Of course the video is considerably blurry. Almost looks like really bad compression was used to either take the video or re-encoding process before uploading to YouTube.

Video & Pictures by Ignacio Alvarez on Monday, September 26 2016.


Look At How Easy It Is To Confuse Satellites With UFOs

Watch how Theirry Legault demonstrates how easy it is to confuse satellites in orbit over UFOs.  When Sky watching be sure to educate yourself on what is already out there and known.

Triangle UFO Videos

Mt. Baker UFO Sightings

Jeff sent word to me that there was a recent UFO sighting over Mt. Baker, Washington State and there was a video associated with it. The sighting he referenced was from this report by Roger Marsh, Triangle UFO made rapid descent off mount baker. The article makes no reference to video of photographic evidence.

I made a quick search for Mt. Baker UFO sightings with video and there appears to be several over the past decade. Of the three that I found on YouTube, only one looks genuine. I won’t bother even posting the links of the two that look sketchy to delusional. But this one definitely raises questions.

Video by Not Of This Earth.

Edit: Appears the video has been taken down in less than a week of posting this article.